GR8 App

The GR8 Programs App was developed for Trainers, Coaches, Players and Parents. What started out as a accountability App, in making sure that the players are doing their In/Off-Season workouts, has developed into a much more robust form of communication. This APP can be used for ANY SPORT and is as simple as can be. Its great technology made SUPER SIMPLE.

As a coach, communicating with your Coaches, Players and Parents… can easily get over whelming. Whether its In/Off-Season and making sure that your players are doing their work, or games schedules, fund raisers, documents that need to be seen or returned, This App simplifies all of it.

This App is White Labeled which means can be customized to your specific academy, team, school etc…. Each School/Academy will receive a CODE.  All users, when creating their accounts, will put in and it will attach them to the correct School/Academy. All of these functions can be accessed through the App or the Web Portal

Send SMS/Text

  • Eliminates 2 way Group Text Chats. Simply send out the information that is needed
  • Send TXT/SMS to Coaches and/or Players and/or Parents (any combo)


  • Add/Edit/Delete the schedule/event
    • Can be specified for Coaches and/or Players and/or Parents (any combo)
    • Have all events auto synched with Personal Calendar (if Opt In)
    • Know where the games/events are and ACTUAL field locations
    • Get Push Notifications of event changes (if Opt In)
    • Coordinate events with adding files/images to distribute


  • Track your players In/Off-Season workouts
  • Player has ability to upload video to coaches
  • Create Tasks:  drills, exercises, etc… with Description and Video link for correct form
    • Use Drills from our extensive library or create your own
    • Players check off Tasks when complete

Game Tracker

  • Pitching Tracker
    • Strike to Ball Ratio
    • % of Strikes Thrown
    • Amount of Batters Faced
    • First Pitch Strikes
    • Velocity
    • Strike Outs
    • etc….
  • Player has ability to upload video to trainer/coaches


  • Players can upload videos to personal library
    • Description and Date

Player/Parent/Guardian List and Portal

  • Players can add additional users to their account
    • Auto communicate your game schedule
    • Fundraisers/Events
  • Players and additional Users
    • Lookup Historical Data
      • Pitch Tracker
      • Tasks Completion
      • Video Library

Coming Soon!!!!!

  • Recruit Scouting Module
    • Gather Recruit Information and share with your coaching staff
      • Name, Postion, Grad Year, SAT/ACT scores, etc… Attach Videos
      • Sort and Filter Options
  • Category Module
    • Communicate with Players in specific Categories
    • Create Custom Categories
      • Pitchers
      • OutFielders
      • Catchers
      • etc…..


Here is the link for the iOS Version of the app – CLICK HERE

Here is the link for the Android Version of the APP – CLICK HERE

Here is the link for the Admin Portal and the Player/Parent/Guardian Portal