GR8 Programs

GR8 Programs started to form in 2010. As the program continued to evolve it was officially established in 2017. GR8 was created to reach as many players as possible, regardless of income. In order for a player to truly develop, they have to be at it more than once a week. Private Lessons, although effective, can become very costly (usually $75-$100 per hour) and have to be limited to once a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour because. This is just not enough time to work on muscle memory and mechanics. The GR8 program allows for sessions that start from $14 per hour, which allows for more frequent sessions. If you were to compare lessons 2 times per week at $100 per hour for 5 months (est. 23 weeks), the cost would be $4,600. The GR8 Program cost for the same 5 months would be $625. We at GR8 believe that the small group enviorment brings competition and motivation into our athletes. Our athletes compete against other athletes in their demographic which will push them into training harder. The GR8 Program is not only cost effective but is proven with our results. Please take a look at some of our GR8 Alumni to see.

All GR8 Programs are designed to support athlete’s through Middle/HS and into College.