GR8 ELITE Winter Spring Summer

From: $410.00

From: $310.00 / renewal for 8 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee


If interested please contact

Limited to a max of 8 pitchers

This is an ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE with Parisi’s WorkHorse Sports Performance for the WINTER/SPRING/SUMMER Season (November though July). You can OPT OUT of Parisi’s WorkHorse Sports Performance (if committed to other training) but it is NOT RECOMMENDED!

Payment Plans, besides initial payment, will start 12/1/2020 for 8 months

  • This is an extensive year round program that takes the highest level athletes through the drills and exercises necessary to improve mechanics and boost velocity. THIS IS FOR THE MOST DEDICATED ATHLETES ONLY!
  • This is a unique package because it encompasses all aspects for the athletes training; Nutrition, Mechanics, Workouts, Baseball IQ, Arm Care Health, Pre and Post Game Routines and all the training and stretching items you will need to be successful and healthy.
  • Preparing for the HS Season and increasing pitch counts as the season approaches.
  • Includes 2 months GR8 ELITE TRAININGVALUED at $1,320 (must be taken to be eligible for GR8 ELITE Maintenance & GR8 ELITE Special)
    • January-February on Tuesday and Thursday 4-5:00PM or 5-6:00PM (Times will be assigned by customer preference on a First Come First Serve Basis)
  • Includes 5 months of HS In-Season GR8 ELITE Maintenance – VALUED at $825
    • March-July on Tuesday and Thursdays 7:30-9:30PM
  • Includes 2 Months GR8 ELITE Special – VALUED at $330
    • June-July on Monday &  Wednesday 4-5:00PM or 5-6:00PM (Times will be assigned by customer preference on a First Come First Serve Basis)
  • Includes 9 months UNLIMITED of Strength/Speed/Conditioning training with Parisi’s WorkHorse Sports Performance – VALUED over $1,600
    • Off-Season: November & December ( min 4 times per week)
    • Pre-Season: January & February (min 3 times per week)
    • During HS Season: March – May (1-2 times per week)
    • During Summer Season: June – July ( 3-4 times per week)
  • All Athletes will be bench marked using the latest technology, including 5 point HD Camera System, Diamond Kinetic Technologies, over sized flat screen TV’s for video breakdown and video analytic tools.
  • Using the Latest Equipment and Tools.
  • Work with balks, pick off moves and how to successfully hold runners.
  • Includes YOU2U.US personalized website for videos, schedule and updated metrics for communicating with college coaches.
  • This package includes access to the GR8 mobile app, a year-long accountability booster that helps us maintain the progress our players have developed.


Contact to ensure you are signed up for the correct class