“I just wanted to express what the GR8 pitching program has meant to my son Cole Patten.  Over the last couple years that Cole has been attending this program his velocity has increased, and maybe even more importantly, he has not had any pain in his arm.  In fact, he felt stronger as the year went on.  This is due to the mechanics that have been implemented since starting the program.”

Jack Patten, father of Seton Hall University commit Cole Patten

“My son has been participating in the GR8 pitching program for the last three years. His progress has been remarkable. The development of solid mechanics, arm health, strength, velocity, pitch selection and game skills has been exponential. However, the most important take away from this program for any player is confidence!” 

Parent of a GR8 pitcher

“The GR8 Throwing Program helped my arm velocity tremendously. My velocity jumped from a 78 to an 84 in the few weeks I participated. The drills felt a little awkward at first, but when you put everything together, throwing the ball felt smooth and natural. The GR8 program helped me use more of my body and less of my arm when throwing.” 

George Somers, GR8 Throwing Program alum & Roger Williams University commit

“My son did his first GR8 and the results were amazing. Coach Roberts completely reworked his mechanics, using the lower body instead of all arm and shoulder. He now is able to self-correct. Whenever the ball goes up or down or side to side, he instantly knows how to fix it and can get the ball to where it is supposed to go. Also he now has a full routine of what he needs to do so he won’t get any more injuries on his arm. He also learned that he needs to be throwing almost every day and long tossing 2-3 times a week. Overall the program really helped him become a much better pitcher than he was 10 weeks ago.”

-Parent of a GR8 Pitcher

“Enrolling my son in the GR8 Throwing Program for us was for one objective and that was for him to throw in a “painfree” state , where he has had issues in the past and having to sit out a summer season , not fun! The program was a complete success achieving the goal of “painfree” throwing and two important bonuses ; higher velocity & an understanding of  your body while throwing.”

-Parent of a GR8 Position Player